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We would like to introduce ourselves to you, our Clients and our Customers

Our business will be servicing in a different and more organized structure for our clients and customers.
We will be in operation from January 2021

  • A specialist small sized company, to eventually grow in Malta.
  • Helping and  supporting our customers in finding the right career goal or job aspiration
  • We will offer Support and Aftercare to our customers within there working environment.

Our Business Sectors below:

  • Customer Service / Administration
  • Warehousing / Industrial – All Sectors
  • Commercial Drivers / Drivers
  • Construction - All Sectors
Giving support to our candidates is very crucial to us.
We promise to:
  • Meet you in person and listen carefully to learn about your job requirements, preferences, skills and aspirations.
  • Be honest and let you know if we can help you at One Way Recruitment Solutions.
  • Accurately match you to jobs 
  • Provide outstanding support from the day you register your details.

We will offer all our candidates a 12-month review program and mentor you through your new journey.

This allows us to:

1. Monitor your progress - Achieving your goals
2. Overcome any relating problems which you may occur within your
    working environment.
3. Keeping you our customer in sustainable employment.
4. Supporting you within work
5. Further training options
6. Aftercare up to one year

Our Clients 
1. Fulfilling our clients needs with the right candidates
2. Building a better workforce
3. Updating our Clients relating to the candidates progression at all times.
4. ID - Checks on candidates
5. Police Conducts on candidates
6. Job References on candidates
7. Candidates that we place across to you, our clients, fits the exact job
    specifications and requirements.

We will always value our clients and our customers.

Building a great rapport with our clients and our customer to offer a great service is most valuable to us.

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